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At Mapro, as a highly technological company, research and development are a critical part of our activity.

Constant innovation is one of the key strategies for the company and this is why we invest over 3% of sales in R+D+i.
The R+D+i Department develops different lines of work, adapting the company to market demands and anticipating trends.

This way, support is provided to the other engineering technological departments and Mapro’s own product is also developed; so making full use of internal tailor-made developments and generalizing their application.

Mapro has the support of strategic alliances,
e.g. with National Instruments, a manufacturer that specializes in data acquisition.
Test technologies in the automotive industry:

Focused on EPS: Developing a flexible platform to improve test techniques.

Focused on comfort: Developing experiences in noise and vibration technologies.

Focused on detection and control systems: Developing artificial vision systems, innovating in the application of new algorithms.

Assembly technologies:

Developing standard pressing systems and screwing systems for different applications (rolling stake, bearing insertion, etc.).

Development and application of standard products.

CANready: Software application for monitoring and communication control CAN, LIN, Flexray, etc...

PET: Traceability operating program.

M200 and CM400: Multi-channel digital servo controllers.

MTM: Software for creating and managing tests.