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  CM400: Multi-channel digital servo controller Products in the field of servo hydraulics

The CM400 is a real-time, high performance digital controller for general applications. Suitable for applications that require servo-hydraulic actuators, such as vibration and fatigue tests. The CM400 integrates signal conditioning for real-time tasks and hydraulic station management.

The CM400 manages periodic and non-periodic signals, signals generated by the controller (sinusoid, triangular, square, trapezoidal, frequency sweeps), signals defined by the user (such as a combination of the above signals) and a reproduction of signals defined as Power Spectral Density (PSD). An advanced KPID double feedback loop processes the signals achieving high performance control.

The CM400 is compatible with the MTM (Mapro Test Manager) general application software, which achieves a flexible control system that can be used for a great range of fatigue, vibration and characteristics test applications. The MTM programme configures the test, controller set up, remote monitoring of the process and data recovery from a local PC or a remote PC connected to an Intranet-Internet network.

The CM400, with its high performance and great flexibility, can work simultaneously on different tests or synchronise all the actuators in a single test, or a combination of both situations.
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